Tuesday, May 1, 2012

bluezr - Chuuch Podcast XX + Interview

this week bluezr shares some time . . . 

  • Sunday Morning: Name your 3 biggest life influences... why?

bluezr: Truth, happiness, and death.  I suppose those are the driving forces behind everything.  Being able to understand and share universal truths and obtain happiness for not only myself but for humanity before my demise.   

  • SM: Verbally portray your sound....

b: So called 'stolen' sound's from a variety of different genre's dating back to the 1920's onward boiled down into a dark, potent and psychologically twisted serum.  

  • SM: Now describe bluezr in tweet format (less than 140 characters, twitter-related abbreviations)

b: l33t c4ss3tt3 k1n6 8lu32r b4 2 l8 chk my bgd da deets i dweet fab ur fav irl omw props i pwn tia w00t yvw nitwits

  • SM: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with any artisan (visual, audible, edible).... who? .... why?

b: Well the past few years have been rough for my friends and I in terms of juggling work and carving out space to be creative, so I'd say more time with them.  Other than that no one in particular.      
  • SM: If you could teach listeners one thing through inspiration drawn from your music what would it be?

b: Follow your heart and pay attention to your intuition, be humble and never stop learning.

  • SM: Somewhere you draw much inspiration from...

b: I think the biggest thing that inspires me is the painful experiences I've gone through in my life.  All of the feelings and actions humans don't like dealing with.  Pain, sadness, depression(rage), anger, abuse, violence, etc.  Instead of specifics, I'll just say things like that have forced me to learn, challenged my way of thinking and helped me to grow into a more compassionate and tolerant person.  Of course I still have a long way to go and much more to understand.  

  • SM: Fondest musical memory....

b: When I was 14, my brother had given me this old classical guitar.  I taught myself how to play and somehow, I had a 4 track, I don't remember how I came into possession of it.  In any case, I remember writing compositions and multi-tracking, mixing sounds together.  It was the first time I had found a positive escape from the stresses that had been going on in my life.  I don't remember the exact moment it occurred to me, but I look back fondly at those time.

  • SM: Fill in the blanks: ________ is ________

b: everything is everything 

  • SM: 24 hours to kill in (hometown or current place of residence)...

b: Hang out with my girlfriend, cook food, play drums, make beats, listen to tunes, watch flicks, read, browse the internet.
  • SM: Define Success...

b: Being happy and content with what you do.  

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