Sunday, March 27, 2011

COSMIC VILL∆GE : A Feature Film/Visual Album

P.U.D.G.E - Love Out Loud

Black Porcelain - In Between EP

Mara Hruby - From Her Eyes

"This album introduces a new twenty-two year old artist named Mara Hruby from Oakland, CA. She arrived on the scene at the start of 2010, playing shows throughout the Bay Area, and is releasing her debut EP, From Her Eyes. Mara has worked on this album for the past nine months; she has applied her multi-talented dedication to recording, arranging, and engineering her own work. She has performed on stage, dancing and backing other artists in the Bay Area; unconsciously preparing herself for this path. She has chosen to speak through music in order to connect with those of us who love music. "

Nikko Gray & Imani Waddy - Love Letters from Yellow

Friday, March 25, 2011

VA - Hope for Tomorrow

"“Hope For Tomorrow” is our humble idea to make a difference. We are reaching out to YOU to support our efforts in providing help for those struggling in the aftermath. Our friends at Kevin Nottingham have come on board to assist in the release of a charity album. We are grateful to be in a position to use the talents of some of the undergrounds most respected hip-hop artists. It is our hope that this project will continue to garner attention for the people of Japan and raise some much needed funds.  100% of the money will be given away and shared between the charities Save The Children and  GlobalGiving. The best news is that the album is available for only 6 dollars so it's hard to say no. Artists to feature include Substantial, Dela, Soulchef, Thomas Prime, Marcus D & K-Murdock aswell as some big names from Japan. The global theme of the project is expressed through participation of artists from France, UK, Japan whilst other artists hail from Australia, Germany, USA and the rest of the world!  Alongside the music is a chance to enter our competition for prizes, with the larger the donations the bigger the chance of winning a coveted prize. 20 Dollars or more will see you entered into our top tier of prizes, 10 Dollars will give you a chance for our second tier, but better still there is a guaranteed chance of a prize so long as you can donate in some form. "

KenLo Craqnuques - Craqnuques 1-7

Com Truise - Komputer Cast Vol.1-4

Andy Clark - Newsmaker (a)
Andy Clark - The Starting Point
Weeks & Co. - Rockin In My Pocket
Keith Mansfield - High Profile
Com Truise - Komputer
Keith Mansfield - The Appliance Of Science (a)
Todd Rundgren - Breathless
Grand Prix - Challenger
Joy Division - Transmission
Com Truise - Galactic Melt
Airliner - Dienyddio
General Johnson & The Chairmen - Just Can't Get Enough
Crash Course in Science - Cardboard Lamb
Brass Construction - What Is The Law
John Harrison - The Dead Walk
Com Truise - BASF Ace

    Al B. Sure - Nite and Day (Onra Edit)

    Swede:art - Trainwreck Mix

    Busy - uInverse

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    MuSs℃k (aka V∆l∆nc∑ Ðr∆kës) Interview

    Little Dragon & PS22 Chorus - Twice

    Emurastic - 88

    "Number 88 which marks MJ mix No 176 has various menings - atomic number 88 is an intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores, also in it has lots of symbolic meanings (mostly positive, connected with endlesness, luck, purity) in far eastern culture. So it wouldn't be a big mistake if we would say that the mix by Emurastic, representing Japan, is a combination between reflections of the numbers meaning. On one hand you can esily feel coldness and claustrophobic, decaying atmosphere in it expressed through quite minimalistic electronics. On the other hand repeatativeness and spacey mood gives an inmpession of ritualic ceremony. So a beginning of the mix with tribal, energetic beat gives a visual that tribes elders have gathered for ceremony in the face of the plague and started beating their drums in order to ask gods for help. Later progression of the mix supposes that tribe went to trance and started their communication with spirits. Hopefully this ritual will bring better tomorow.
    Mondayjazz expresses maximum support for the land of raising sun and cretive wonders, right now going through tough times. "

    Mr. Brown - Beats for Days: an Instrumental Experience

    Ju-Ar - Orange Air

    "Orange Air shows Ju-Ar’s point of view of music with a thoughtful use of vocal bits, instruments and samples inspired by the golden-era of jazz and soul completed by a warm reel 2 reel tape sound."

    Flip - Umberto Ghettomentals

    Late Bloomers - Songs for Suns

    Shankles - Guilty Foil EP

    The Boomjacks - Beats Vol.2