Thursday, December 15, 2011

DTCPU - Chuuch Podcast XI + Interview

this week DTCPU shares his time...

  • Sunday Morning: Name your 3 biggest life influences... why?

DTCPU: my pops, uncle fred, & my twin sister; pops taught me that i have the power to do anything i want. instilled a good backbone. my uncle fred got me hip to nature. natural is my steeze. climbin' tree's, sleepin' under the stars n' shit. and my sister; she has always been my #1 fan/ultimate support system
  • SM: Verbally portray your sound....

DTCPU: my sound? ... hyperactive, raw, live, dirty
  • SM: Now describe BLISSWAVE in tweet format (less than 140 characters, twitter-related abbreviations)

DTCPU: we #allabouthavin'agoodtime. my homie started throw'n some shows. drop'd a record of mine. now we're goin pro. more shows/records to come
  • SM: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with any artisan (visual, audible, edible).... who? .... why?

DTCPU: there is a whole list of friends and family of mine that i'd love to work with. almost every artist on that list is a member of Leaving Records...
shoot, hard pressed between the homies dak & matthewdavid. both influence me immensely! but out on a limb here im going for oscar mclure. aka durlin lurt; this dood is my god. he used to be in touch alot back in the days of myspace. he doesnt fuck with the internet too much these days... surely he'll be holler'n when he reads this
  • SM: If you could teach listeners one thing through inspiration drawn from your music what would it be?

DTCPU: be free
  • SM: Favorite movie quote?

DTCPU: "Nobody puts 'Baby' in a corner." - Patrick Swayze
  • SM: Biggest personal musical moment?

DTCPU: in just under a year of playing shows, i have shared the stage with and become good friends with all of my heros. i am 100% blessed to have the friends and family i have. such a special thing to be a part of. what we are continuing to do in LA with all the crazy shows we put on; or the blisswave thing. we pretty well goin' big on this thing. its all getting really exciting rightnow!
  • SM: Fill in the blanks: __ always __ unless __

DTCPU: Orchid Rainbow Eyes
Orchid is as wild and untamed as a desert horse.
She is rainbow-coloured and bright,
and she brings good luck.
  • SM: 24 hours to kill in Huntington Beach...

 DTCPU: call my pops (gotta prearrange with his ass) do a couple loads of laundry, raid the fridge, crash in the pool room. ($ave loot on a hotie)
  • SM: Define Success...

DTCPU: rightnow, getting paid and appreciated for making the music and art i make. im dedicated to it and i love that people continue to help me be successful at it.

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