Thursday, December 1, 2011

Broke/ - Channel 10 Mix - Chuuch Podcast X

this week Broke/ supplements the Chuuch...

  • Sunday Morning: Name your 3 biggest life influences... why?

Broke/: I'd have to say my family and friends are number one. My mom played all kinds of music in the house…Stevie Wonder, George Benson, The Beatles, Steely Dan. My uncle put me on to a lot of different stuff from John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Cream, Smokey Robinson, and even 2pac at a young age. In high school a few of my friends were in a band  playing straight up 80's hardcore so I heard those cats playing Minor Threat, Black Flag, Adolescent's, Bad Brains etc., and I started to dig that stuff too.

Basketball is a huge influence on me, as unrelated as it might seem. Sometimes I'll watch classic games to catch a vibe and spark my creativity. I admire a lot of the dudes from the proverbial "old school", you can probably tell if you listen to some of my rhymes. There's nothing like watching a beautiful pass get to the guy in the right spot. It's magic, pretty much poetry in my eyes.

I'm not a book worm by any definition, but I love a good read. Certain shit really influences the way I write, so I try to keep those fresh in my mind. Haruki Murakami is probably my favorite author, and despite not being able to read the original texts I feel I can understand the nuances in the prose. It's all really meticulous shit, but the raw emotion isn't clouded by the diction. Certainly a balance I'm in pursuit of.

  • SM: Verbally portray your sound....

B/: Raw, but calculated to an extent. I'm of two minds when I create. One is really overtly conscious of what's happening and has to be worked with until it feels perfect. The other is kind of manic and really just needs to get the shit out and done with.

  • SM: Now describe Broke/ in tweet format (less than 140 characters, twitter-related abbreviations)

B/: Warm Nasty Dirt Filth Static Break Chops #Via Subconscious Vomit

  • SM: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with any artisan (visual, audible, edible).... who? .... why?

B/: I'd have to say Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. Phil Spector invented the wall of sound, but I think Kevin perfected it. He makes music that's abrasively loud but, aurally really delicate and quiet. Juggling all that emotional weight to make some fucking jarring music is genius. 

  • SM: If you could teach listeners one thing through inspiration drawn from your music what would it be?

B/: "When you’re supposed to go up, find the highest tower and climb to the top.  When you’re supposed to go down, find the deepest well and go down to the bottom.” 

Essentially, find your center and move with it.

  • SM: A moment in music you will never forget...

B/: When ODB passed, that was nuts to me. The guy was truly on some next shit, too far ahead for us to grasp.

  • SM: Something you would eventually like to accomplish...

B/: I'd just like to make songs people dig and can relate to, maybe make an album one day.

  • SM: Fill in the blanks: ____________ is always _____________ 

B/: Being gentle and kind is always tough.

  • SM: 24 hours to kill in Santa Ana...

B/: Hit up Sariñana Tamale Factory for a taco plate and coke, or Taqueria Guadalajara for a torta and agua. Dig at Ghetto records, then kick it at Thornton Park.Maybe go to the Bowers Museum if that's your thing haha

  • SM: Define Success...

B/: Making your dreams come true on your own terms.

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