Friday, June 15, 2012

GLIA - Chuuch Podcast XXIII + Interview

this week we welcome GLIA

  • Sunday Morning: Name your 3 biggest life influences... why?

GLIA : First, the Creator. Aside from giving me life, he's made it possible to truly enjoy the things around me and learn from him. Observing his work sparked in me a desire to be an artist and to handle any medium I touch with a unique sense of style. Just saying he's prolific or skilled is gross understatement, but despite his exceptionally varied body of work he remains the most overlooked artist in the universe. The lesson I gather from that is to always approach my craft with purity of motive. Recognition is nice, but, even if nobody knows who I am, or if credit for work I've done is misplaced, I'd still be happy if even a few listeners [or viewers] can feel the depth of love behind it and the energy I infuse during the creative process.

Second most important influence?...definitely my family. They've shaped my  values and aesthetic taste. They played me really great music growing  up. They took me with them when they travelled to africa and europe. They helped pay for my first instruments. They taught me how to read, research, and reason. They smiled alot. And they taught me that not everything popular is worth my time and attention.  All kinds of little things.
Third, has to be technology. I've always been fascinated by whats possible with electronics. So much has changed even in my short lifespan. Its fun to figure out how things work, and take notice of how devices affect me and the rest of the world.

  • SM: Verbally portray your sound....

GLIA: i think its always a bit psychedelic

  • SM: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with any artisan (visual, audible, edible).... who? .... why?

GLIA: I already get to collaborate with cool folk...stay tuned for some of the split tapes coming thru Mitamine. But to try and answer your question more fully, it would be dope to jam with my brothers again. We used to have a trio doing sort of what Glasper and BBNG are known for now. As far as famous people, anybody in the mix: Suzi, Dak, MD, Georgia, Actress, Quincy Bright. 

  • SM: If you could teach listeners one thing through inspiration drawn from your music what would it be?

GLIA: I dunno how to answer this dude...I guess: there is one above us who loves us.

  • SM: Somewhere you draw much inspiration from...

GLIA: San Fransisco psyche. Folk music from the hills of any country. Ethiopian everything. Pan-Latin pop. Indonesian tones + rhythms. Stripes. The sun. Her eyes. Magnets.

  • SM: Fondest musical moment...

GLIA: Singing duets of Ella's "Caravan" while cleaning the house with my mom.

  • SM: Fill in the blanks: ____________ is always __________ and never __________


  • SM: 24 hours to kill in (hometown, or current city of residence)...

GLIA: 24 hours to kill in...Beacon, NY start at main street and check out the antique shops, swing thru Pinoy Outlet for dried mango [from Cebu!] and halo-halo, feast your eyes on modern art while touring Dia:Beacon, chill in the park by the Hudson till sunset, for dinner i'd drive a few miles north to Golden Buddha [a thai restaurant in Fishkill], everything on the menu is dope...except the appetizers, thank the cook [Siri] and ask if you can see their vegetable garden next time, drive home, sleep

  • SM: Define Success...

GLIA: Making someone else smile

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